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20+ Foods That Cause Acne – Avoid These For Clear Skin 2020

Well, we spend a lot of money on expensive skincare products but do you know that your diet is the most prominent thing you need to put your efforts on. You should consume a balanced meal to achieve nice glowing skin. This is the newly updated list of foods that cause acne and pimples. This doesn’t mean you need to cut off the intake these foods completely instead balance your intake to improve your health and skin.

What Foods Cause Acne?

1. Sugar


Eating too many sugary foods can increase inflammation in your skin resulting in acne and pimples. It has been proven that sugar can make the acne worse so if you have active acne and pimples avoid eating sugar and sugary foods. It has a high glycemic index which can totally ruin your skin. Excessive sugar can aggravate skin problems like acne, eczema etc.

2. White Bread


White bread again has high glycemic index which can increase blood sugar levels resulting in inflammation. Intaking too much of white bread or dishes made with bread can affect your skin quality very badly. You can either go for brown bread which is a much healthier option. Though the taste is different but you can compromise with the taste for a great skin.

3. Fatty Foods


We all love eating foods like Pizza, Burger, Noodles etc. but these foods can not only affect the skin but can also cause some serious health issues like obesity, hypertension, diabetes etc. So, avoid eating such dangerous food for a healthy lifestyle. Well, that doesn’t mean you need to completely cut off from fatty foods but you can balance it in a proper way. The best way to balance it is to consume such foods just once a week.

4. High Starch


High starch can increase the blood sugar and insulin levels in the body which results in inflammation. It can even cause some serious health problems like diabetes, heart disease, weight gain etc. If you want clear and glowing skin then balance your starch intake. Some of the most consumed high starch foods are corn meal, rice, flours, oats, instant noodles etc.

5. Milk


Many people claimed that stopping dairy intake has made their skin better. Milk contains some components which directly affects the hormonal imbalance in the body resulting in excessive oil production. This makes your skin feel oily hence result in acne and zits. Well, not everyone is allergic to milk so you need to check out whether milk consumption is causing your acne or not. So, this is one of the foods that cause acne.

6. Red Wine


Red wine can increase redness and inflammation in the skin. It releases some components which disbalance the hormones resulting in skin problems. It has been proven that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to premature ageing and several other skin related problems.

7. Junk Food


This should be on the top of the list of foods that cause acne. Junk food is not only dangerous for health but also for the skin. Eating too much junk food can make your skin excessive oily resulting in acne, pimples and zits. Also, it is one of the main causes of face fat and double chin. So, cut down your junk food intake for better skin and health.

8. Red Chillies


No doubt red chilly is great for metabolism but it can as harmful for the skin as well. Some people find their skin looking dull, red and irritated if they consume too much of red chillies. So, if you feel the same then avoid eating red chilly instead go for black pepper as that can help your skin to a great point.

9. Butter


Though butter is essential for the skin but only if consumed in a balanced way. If you are consuming too much butter then it can increase the oil production in your skin glands making your skin greasy and oily which ultimately results in clogged pores, acne and pimples. It is a tip to not cut off your butter intake completely as it has some very beneficial vitamins that are great for your skin.

10. Cheese


Cheese has a high glycemic index which increases the blood sugar and insulin levels in the body resulting in inflamed skin. Also, it contains some growth hormones that trigger the acne and make the skin even worse. So, if you have active acne issues then just avoid having cheese at any cost. It can worsen the skin condition which would be difficult to treat further.

11. Rice


Rice has high starch and glycemic index which results in the spike of blood sugar levels in the body. Well, it is not advised to cut off your rice intake completely but also don’t take it regularly. Consuming rice in a balanced manner can be good for your skin and body.

12. Oil


Consuming too much oil can be very dangerous for the skin especially for people with oily skin. Our body secrets some natural oil to provide hydration to our skin so it is better to not consume too much of oil from outside. It is advised to cook your food in a little quantity of oil to balance the oil production throughout the body. This is one of the foods that cause acne.

13. Chocolate


No doubt applying chocolate masks are very beneficial for skin but consuming too many chocolates can trigger the acne present on your skin. It has been proved that chocolate can make the acne even worse. So, it is better to not eat chocolates while having active acne and pimples.

14. Egg Yolk


Egg yolk is one of the foods that cause acne. It has been declared by dermatologists and doctors that egg yolk can cause acne and worsen the present acne as well. It increases the body temperature form inside which results in hormonal imbalance leading to skin issues. Also, it affects oil production in the body which makes your skin greasy and oily.

15. Coffee


Well, coffee is not in the list of foods that cause acne but it worsens the acne which is already present on the skin. Consuming coffee increases the stress hormones in the body resulting in excessive sebum production. It is advised to consume coffee in a balanced manner.

16. Tea


Talking about tea, green tea is great for skin as it is rich in antioxidants and some minerals which repairs the skin cells. But the normal Indian tea to which almost all Indians are addicted to is very bad for the skin. It can increase the body temperature which directly impact on the hormonal balance. You can switch the normal tea with green tea for better skin and hair.

17. Soft Drinks


Soft drinks contain soda in them which can dehydrate the skin resulting in premature ageing. It can even lead to several other skin problems. Also, soft drinks contain sugar which is bad for the skin. So, this is one of the foods that cause acne.

18. Refined Flour


Foods made with refined flour are all listed in the foods that cause acne. It actually increases the skin inflammation which can irritate the skin very badly resulting in acne, pimples and other issues. Also, it can lead to premature ageing as it boosts up the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

19. Alcohol


Alcohol is very bad for the skin and of course for health. It speeds up the ageing process which makes the skin look older and dull. So, it is advised to not consume too much alcohol rather have it only on special occasions if you want to.

20. Artificial Sweeteners


Artificial sweeteners are as bad for the skin as the regular sugar is. It increases the blood sugar and insulin levels disturbing the hormones in the body. The best advice for clear glowing skin is to avoid too much sugar and sugary foods no matter it is regular sugar or an artificial one.


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