How to Look Attractive in Pictures For Instagram: With Normal Phone [2020]

Who doesn’t want to click attractive pictures and share it on Instagram right?? If you are finding ways for how to look attractive in pictures then this is the end of your search journey as you will find some amazing tips and tricks that can help you in clicking great pictures with your normal phone and of course without spending anything.

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1. Know Your Best Angle

Everyone has their best angle from which their features look defining and attractive. It could be your left profile or right profile. You have to click pictures from different angles to know about your best angle. Well, people generally look great from the left side of the face. This is a very important tip to look attractive in pictures.

2. Play With the Background

Background plays a very important role in a picture. However, you don’t have to work on your background for just selfies but if you are clicking pictures with the rear camera then you have to focus on the background as well. You can simply find a plain cloth in a contrast color of your outfit and can use the cloth as a background. Or you can place some flowers or showpieces to make the picture look more attractive.

3. Outfit is Important

The outfit is very important to make a picture look attractive. Try styling your clothes differently and analyze what suits you the most. Also, you can create some custom DIY outfits from old ones. Make sure that you are styling the outfits according to your body type only otherwise it can ruin your photograph.

4. Makeup Game

Work on your makeup skills. This point is not just for girls but also for the boys who want to look attractive in their pictures. Makeup will not cause any harm to your masculinity. Just go ahead and try it on. You can highlight your best features using makeup which will show up in your pictures. The most important point to keep in mind is that you should never do too much makeup as that will look cakey on the camera and can also make your face look fat.

5. Learn Editing

Editing can change the entire look of a picture. There are some marvelous apps available which are free to use. You can add effects to your picture, change the background, and can play with our picture in so many different ways. But, always keep in mind that never edit your photos too much as that will make your picture look fake.

6. Pose Like a Boss

Experiment with your posing style as that can make a huge difference in your photos. This is one of the most important tips for how to look attractive in pictures. You can check out influencers and models to know how they pose for their pictures. This will help you a lot.

7. Lighting is Everything

Lighting plays a very major role in a picture. Always make sure that you should stand in the opposite direction from where the light is coming as that will brighten your pictures. If you stand in the same direction from where the light is coming then that will make your pictures dark and black. While, if you want to invest a little bit for your Instagram pictures then you can buy a ring light as it is really helpful for selfies as well as for rear images.

8. Highlight Your Best Feature

Highlighting your best feature can make you look a hundred times more attractive. If your eyes are your best feature then flaunt your eye with cool eye makeup looks. However, if your lips are your best feature then highlight your lips with lipstick or a lip gloss. This will balance your face and will make you look pretty in a picture as well as in-person too.

9. Hair on Point

The hairstyle is very important to look good in a picture. Try experimenting with different hairstyles to make your pictures look different from one another. Perfectly groomed hair can make your picture ten times more attractive.

10. Use Props

You can use several props to make your pictures aesthetic. Well, you can hold a bouquet, lamp, lights, flowers or you can also creatively use ribbons. This way your pictures will turn out to be unique and beautiful. This is one of the most useful tips for how to look attractive in pictures.

11. Choose a Beautiful Location

You can try different locations for a photoshoot like a cafe, restaurant, or any beautiful place to add a unique element in your picture. This is a very good way to make your photos look attractive and glamorous.

12. Close Up Shots

Close up shots looks very attractive and charming. You can try some fun makeup looks and take close up shots to make the picture even more attractive. Also, you can just flaunt your natural skin and hair in close up shots if you don’t like to wear makeup.

13. Mirror Photography

We are not talking about the regular picture you take facing your phone camera into the mirror. Be creative in your style and you can create some amazing mind-blowing photographs using a mirror. However, you can find some ideas on Pinterest as well. This is a very great tip for how to look attractive in pictures.

So, these are some simple and quick tips that you need to follow. However, you are beautiful in your actual beauty but there is no harm in grooming yourself and being a better version of yourself.

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