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30+ Tips For How to Look Attractive – MEN & WOMEN 2020

Are you tired of searching how to look attractive on the internet? Still, didn’t found any such tips to look attractive instantly. Don’t worry as here are best and easy tips and tricks that can make your personality charming and attractive in just a minute. Well, you should always remember that looking attractive doesn’t mean that you need to come out of your comfort zone as you can look attractive in your own way without being uncomfortable.

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How to Look Attractive – WOMEN

1. Well Groomed Hair


Yes, your hairstyle plays a very crucial role in your over all personality. Also, the first thing that everyone notice in you is the hairstyle. You can easily make your personality attractive by trying different hairstyle that suits your face type. And, if you don’t want to experiment with different hairstyles or if you don’t have time to do so then you can just simply go out with open hair as open hair can attract anyone instantly. Well, you should maintain your hair by having hair spas, trying out different hair mask as these easy things will make your hair look so pretty.

2. Work On Your Skin


The second point for how to look attractive is working on your skin care routine. Now, this doesn’t mean that having bad skin will not make you look attractive as many women are suffering from hormonal acne and different skin issues which is very normal and you can’t do anything about that. But, the point is that if you can treat your skin or if you can make your skin texture better than why not. You should follow a proper and regular skin care routine which can help you in treating different skin issues.

3. Take Time to Decide Your Clothes


You should always decide your clothes a day before. Your clothes can make a drastic change in your physique and overall personality. So, take your time and choose the clothes according to the occasion, event or what day it is, how important this day is for you. You should always keep these simple things in your mind to select the right match for the day. This is a very important tip on how to look attractive.

4. Know Which Colours Suits You The Most


The colour which suits you the most can make your personality instantly attractive and charming. Generally, red colour is the one which suits the most but again it depends on you and your skin complexion. It could be pink, brown, black or any colour in which you get the most compliments. Also, you should always wear the colours the suits you on the most special days of your life as that can make you look attractive and happy.

5. Use A Little Makeup


It completely depends on you to follow this tip or not as many women don’t like to wear makeup which is completely fine. But, using a little makeup like mascara, cheek tint and kajal can instantly make you look attractive and beautiful. It makes you look groomed. This is a very good tip on how to look attractive and beautiful.

6. Appealing Footwear


Footwear can change the look completely so if you are someone who don’t like to buy different footwear and wear only one on every single outfit. Then, this is the time you should start investing on footwear. However, you can spent on just a black and nude heel as that goes with every single outfit. This way you can save your money as well.

7. Hairless Body


Hairless body can make you look attractive as who doesn’t like smooth skin all over. But, again it depends on your choice. If you don’t like to shave or wax regularly then it is completely fine. You can just skip this tip if you think it is not necessary.

8. Facial Exercises For Face Sculpting


Try facial exercises to sculpt your face naturally. This will enhance your features which will ultimately make you look attractive and beautiful. Facial exercised also helps in boosting blood flow which makes the skin glowing and fresh. This is a very effective tip on how to look attractive.

9. Confidence is The Key


Confidence is very important to make your personality better and attractive. You should work on your confidence like how to walk and talk confidently. This will make your personality look attractive and people will love to interact with you even more. This is again a very important tip on how to look attractive.

10. Smile Smile & Smile


A smile can change everything. It will not only make you look attractive but it also makes you look friendly. You should always carry a smiling face with you. This will spread positivity in and around you which is very needed in these stressful times.

11. Groom Your Nails


Groomed nails make you look put together so never go out with chipped nail paints. Try to apply matching or contrasting nail paints to the outfit. This will surely make you look attractive and put together. You can even do some DIY manicure-pedicure at home to improve your nail quality and hygiene.

12. Accessories


Having some beautiful and minimal accessories with the outfit can completely change the look. This can make you look attractive instantly. Just have some nice rings or a layered necklace to enhance your outfit. If you are someone who doesn’t like to wear something then you can easily skip this tip as it is of no sense to look attractive by being uncomfortable.

13. Style Yourself


Styling is the key. Learn about your body type and then try to style yourself. You can experiment with different types of outfits, footwear or accessories. This way you can easily make your look attractive. Also, try to add some popping colours if you are going out in the day time as that makes the overall look attractive and captivating.

14. Handbag


Well, yes you heard it right. A handbag can make your personality enchanting. You don’t need to spend a lot on Chanel and Louis Vuitton Bags as you can easily find some amazing bags on some g=very popular online shopping stores. Try to have a contrasting bag with your outfit colour as that can be catchy and will attract people even more. This is a very nice tip on how to look attractive.

15. Fill in Your Brows


Eyebrows frame the face so it is very important to fill your eyebrows to enhance your features. This tip can instantly make you look attractive and beautiful. You should also groom your eyebrows like getting them in a proper shape and removing the excess. This can make your face look tidy and neat.

16. Highlight Your Left Profile


It has been that people generally like their left profile more than the right one. You should highlight the particular profile of your face which looks attractive. This tip can be very helpful for how to look attractive.

17. Dental Hygiene


Dental hygiene is very important as nobody likes a stinking mouth and yellow teeth. So, keep your teeth clean and mouth fresh. This is a necessary tip so start focussing on your dental hygiene.

How to Look Attractive – MEN

18. Skincare


Men generally don’t take care of their skin a lot but it is very necessary. Having good skin is the key to look good without putting too many efforts. But, don’t need to be discouraged if you are facing some skin problems due to hormonal imbalance as that is normal. The only point we are discussing is to work on your skin and following a proper skincare regime according to the skin type. This is a great tip on how to look more attractive men.

19. Proper Beard


Proper beard can enhance your look ten times instantly. Hence, getting your beard trimmed regularly can make you look attractive without putting much efforts. Also, if you have patchy or rough beard then try some products to treat the issue as patchy and rough beard doesn’t look good.

20. Shave Regularly


Regularly doesn’t mean that you need to shave your face everyday but it means to maintain a proper beard. If you are someone who doesn’t likes to keep beard then you should shave it regularly to avoid half bearded face. And, if you like to keep your beard then always keep it trimmed to have a proper face shape as mentioned in above point. This is a very nice tip on how to look attractive.

21. Work On Your Physique


No one liked lean and extra thin body so try to work on your physique if you are someone like that. Have good foods, workout regularly and get a attractive physique. This can attract people around you as a nice physique improves the overall personality.

22. Know Which Clothes Suits Your Body Type


Every body type is different and so every different body type requires different type of clothes. So, try to understand and learn about your body type and then only select your clothes. This will make your personality attractive and charismatic. Follow this tip and see the results.

23. Footwear


Footwear is very important for both men and women as it can completely change the overall look. So, select your footwear accordingly to enhance your appearance. This is a very great tip on how to look attractive.

24. Put On Your Sunglasses


Sunglasses on men look very sassy and classy. It can instantly make your appearance attractive and charming. So, whenever going out or standing under the hot sun then have your sunglasses and make other women stare at you. This will not only make you look attractive but will also save your eyes from the harsh sunlight.

25. Fold Your Sleeves


Folding your sleeves can instantly make you attractive as it makes the outfit look more fitted which looks fantastic. Also, women generally like men with their folded sleeved shirt. So, try this easy hack if you want to grab people’s attention.

26. Choose Your Outfit Accordingly


Selecting your outfit according to the event or occasion is very important. If you don’t select the clothes accordingly then you might be either over-dressed or under-dressed which shouldn’t be happening. Hence, take your time and choose the outfit accordingly.

27. Confidence


Confidence is the key to attract people around you. If you are confident then people will like to talk to you and involve into you. If you are someone who has a lack of confidence then start working on it as it is very important to have a confident personality if you want to attract people around you.

28. Wear Pastel Colours


Pastel colours like white, grey on men looks quite attractive and charming. So, try to have more pastel colours in your wardrobe than bright colours. Also, if you like prints on your shirt then go for simple prints rather than flashing prints. This tip is very effective on how to look attractive.

29. Talk Politely


Women find men attractive who talks politely. So, if you are someone who gets irritated very soon then try to work on your habit. Start speaking politely so that people will love to talk to you. This is again a very great tip on how to look attractive.

30. Respect Other People Especially Women


Men who respect women and other people looks quite nice and gentlemen. So, respect people around you not just to make yourself look attractive but respecting people is very necessary in life.

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