12 Easy Ways to Look Like Kylie Jenner (2021) in 5 Minutes

Kylie Jenner is an Instagram sensation. No wonder, her looks are so captivating and elegant that any girl would want to look like her. However, you can easily follow some tips and tricks to add that Kylie tadka to your look. Here are some easy ways which can help you in looking like Kylie Jenner.

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1. Foxy Eyes

Foxy eyes are Kardashian’s and Jenner’s favourite and we all know that. Well, doing foxy eyes is very simple. Go and watch some YouTube tutorials to create that perfect smoked foxy eye look like Kylie. It is that simple.

2. High-Waisted Pants

Kylie likes to show off her curves and that is why she is usually seen wearing high-waisted pants. You can wear a nice and fancy high-waisted pant or jeans for that elongated booty look. It will not only make you look hotter but will also frame your body.

3. Crop Tees

Who doesn’t love crop tees? Right. Kylie likes to wear fitted crop tees with high-waisted pants which just makes her body look even sexier.

6. Tanned Effect

Buy yourself a spray tan if you really want to look like her. Kylie loves to spray tan her body. Of course, there is nothing more tempting than a tanned body.

7. Pouty Lips

Kylie loves her huge pouty lips. No wonder, she has lip fillers but you can achieve those pouty lips by using a lip plumper or by lining a little extra. Moreover, you can use lip scrubs and lip masks to make your lips juicy and extra huge.

8. Beachy Waves

Kylie loves her beachy waves. Watch some YouTube tutorials to get that perfect beachy wavy hair. It will surely add a Kylie pinch in your persona.

9. Long Nails

As we all know, Kylie Jenner is popular for her long acrylic nails and her stunning nail designs. You should not miss your nails if you really want to look like her. Go to the nearest salon and get yourself a nice nail extensions with nude colour.

10. Stylish Bag

Kylie loves to carry a stylish and chic bag with her every time. You have to work on your bag collection if you really want to look like her. Invest in some good bags and you will rock every outfit. However, it doesn’t mean that you should go for expensive bags only instead you can find some affordable hence stylish ones.

11. Slinky Footwears

Footwear is a very important part of the overall outfit. Wear some sexy heels with a short dress and you will rock girl. Moreover, Kylie also loves to wear her sneakers with all kinds of outfits so if you are a shoe person then girl you are lucky. You can pair your sneakers with any outfit.

12. Pose Like Her

If you want to look like her in your pictures then you need to learn how she poses with her body. Go to her Instagram and see how does she poses for her pictures and recreate the photos.

So, these are some very simple hence easy tips to instantly look like Kylie Jenner. Although do not forget to talk like her. Add a ASMR tone in your voice to match her personality.

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