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How to Look Stylish Without Spending Money- Tips For Men & Women(2020)

Everyone wants to look stylish and trendy but not everyone can spend a lot on their clothing and accessories. So, here are some easy tips for how to look stylish without spending a single penny. All the tips mentioned are quite basic and easy to follow. Well, the most important tip to look stylish is to be confident in your own style. No doubt, you should experiment with your style but you should never wear something which is not comfortable for you. So, follow only those tips in which you will comfortable.

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How to Look Stylish – Tips For Women

1. Scrunched Up Sleeves


Scrunching your sleeves can instantly make the outfit look stylish and classy. It gives a nice shape and to the body. You can try this hack with any kind of long sleeve to wear whether jackets, coats, t-shirts, shirts or anything. It looks fantastic and also very comfortable. But don’t scrunch sleeves which have beautiful detailing or prints as scrunching can ruin the detailing of the sleeves.

2. Cuffed Sleeves


Cuffed sleeves is basically a small fold on the sleeve which look quite stylish and modish. You should try cuffing your sleeves especially if your outfit is too loose as it provides a nice fit to the body. The best tip is to try cuffing on t-shirts as it looks the best on it. Do not cuff the sleeves too much as it will look messy and ugly so do it properly and just one or two-fold is enough. 😉✌

3. Cuffed Jeans


Just like cuffed sleeves, cuffed jeans also look stylish and attractive. Again, you don’t need to cuff your jeans too much as that can make you look funny. Just fold the end of your jeans in one or two-fold and you are good to go. It will not only make the jeans look fit to the legs but will also make you look tall.

4. Layered Cami Over a T-Shirt


Well, this is one of the most popular trends you may hear or seen as it looks nice and cute. So, if you have a nice cami top then you can just easily layer the cami over a t-shirt to discover a new outfit in your wardrobe. But, if you do not have a cami top then you can try layering different stuff like a shirt over a t-shirt etc. This layering trend is perfect for lean girls as it makes the body look a little extra which is great. Overall, this is one of the best hacks for how to look stylish. ❤😊

5. Tuck It Girl!!


Well, there is no such girl living on this planet who doesn’t know about the tucking trend. Tucking your shirt or t-shirt can make a huge difference in your life. It can totally change the way an outfit looks on a particular person. If you haven’t tried this tip yet then go and try this right now and you will never go back to your normal life with simple tops. This is a nice tip to look trendy and voguish. 👕👚

6. Knot Tie Your Top


Well, who discovered this trend should be awarded for this as this is one of the best tips you can get for how to look stylish without putting efforts. You just need to tie a know to your top wear and you are sorted. There are different ways to tie a know so you can go and watch tutorials to try different knot hacks.

7. Layered Long Sleeves


Layering long sleeve over a t-shirt could be a nice style. You can try this hack if you like layering your clothes. Also, try to wear different combinations like a white t-shirt over a plain black full sleeve t-shirt. This way you can look stylish and attractive without even putting any efforts and spending any extra money on clothes. This is one of the best tips you can have for how to look stylish.

8. Add a Scarf or Neckerchief


Yes, adding a scarf to your outfit will not only protect you from harmful sun-rays and pollution but will also take your style to another level. Well, you can wear a scarf to add colours to your outfit so whenever you want to add some bright colours to your look then go and find the best suitable scarf and wear it.

9. Don’t Forget The Hair


A hairstyle can change the entire look. Well, having a nice hairstyle is even more important than a nice outfit because a good hairstyle can attract anyone. Try experimenting with different types of hairstyles according to your face shape. This is again a very important tip to follow for how to look simple but stylish. Never go with the same hairstyle as changing and trying different hairstyles will automatically make you look different hence tempting.

10. Don’t Ignore Your Nails


Many girls ignore their nails while paying attention to the outfit but nails are also a very important factor in your entire look. You should groom your nails as it make you look put together. Well, you don’t need to spend a lot on your nails, you just need a nice quality nail paint to make your nails better and beautiful.

11. Add a Cap or a Hat


Adding a cap or a hat to the outfit can make your look even more beautiful and pleasing. There are several types of caps and hats available in the market which you can experiment with. Also, it will protect you from harmful UV rays so it is a good tip to follow. This is one of the best tips for how to look stylish everyday.

12. Belt It Ladies


Well, nowadays belts are not only used to fit the pants but are also used to enhance the look of the outfit. There are different types of belts available in the market which can be paired with jeans, pants and even on dresses. Try to experiment belts with different types of dresses to intensify your curves even more.

14. Earrings Are Important


Yes, working too much on outfit, hairstyle and nails make us forget about our ears but earrings can transform your look within a minute. Go for casual earrings for a day-to-day look to amplify your normal look. Also, you can add a popping colour to the look by wearing chunky earrings.

15. Gladiator Sandals Are a Must Have


Gladiator sandals look fantastic on every single outfit type especially on short dresses. Also, it looks amazing on thigh-slit dresses. If you don’t have a gladiator sandal then you should definitely spend you money on it as it is worth buying.

16. Spend More On Your Accessories


Accessories play a crucial role to complete a overall look. If you are someone who doesn’t spend much on accessories then start spending on it as it can make you look more stylish and classy. This is one of the best tips you can get for how to look stylish. Also, spend your money wisely like if you like wearing earrings then spend on earrings, if you like to wear rings then spend on rings. This way you will feel more comfortable while adding accessories to your look.

17. Add Patches To Old Denims


Patches look cute and cool, especially on denim. So, if you feel bored with your old denim jeans and jackets then add patches to it and you will see a huge difference. This way you can reuse old clothes in a better and stylish way. This is the best tip you can get for how to look stylish in jeans and top. But, make sure that you add the patches carefully as too many patches can make your outfit look messy. 💜💥

18. Wear Chunky Jewellery on Simple Top Wear


Wearing chunky jewellery can instantly make your look attractive and tempting without putting any efforts. You can find different sorts of chunky jewellery in the market. Wearing chunky jewellery on simple shirts can take a casual look to another level. Overall, chunky jewellery looks quite attractive and beautiful.

19. Add a Slit


If you are bored with any of your old maxi’s or dresses then adding a slit to it can be a nice idea. But do not experiment this with your new dress as if not done carefully, it can ruin the entire dress. So, this is a nice and easy way to look stylish hence classy. 😊💛

20. Attractive Smile


Grooming your teeth is as important as grooming yourself. You should pay attention on your teeth as well as a beautiful and happy smile can attract anyone. For this, you can try different DIYs to whiten your teeth or can go to a dentist for dental hygiene.

21. Lips Don’t Lie


Wearing a matching lipstick can never go wrong. It will make you look stylish, beautiful, charming, pleasing and what not. Well, there is not a single lady living on this planet who forgot to wear lipstick while going outside but still if you are someone who forgot or don’t like to wear a lipstick then do try this once and you will surely fell in love with this. This is definitely one of the best thing you can do to look stylish hence simple.

22. Make Your Simple Kurti Look Expensive


You can transform your simple Kurti into a more classy and stylish one. There are several Kurti hacks you can try to amplify your look. Also, you can add oxidised jewellery to intensify your outfit. This is probably the best tip to follow for how to look trendy in Kurti. Make sure that you wear fitted Kurti to magnify your figure.

How to Look Stylish – Tips For Men

23. Match Shirt Colour With Trouser


Matching shoe colour with trouser is a very important tip for men to look stylish and put together. Also, this trick makes you look taller then usual. So, it is perfect for men with small height. Overall, this is a easy tip to follow for everyday routine.

24. Add a Watch


Wearing a watch can instantly make you look attractive and stylish. So, if you don’t wear a watch then start wearing as it really compliments the overall look. You don’t need to spend your hard-earned money on expensive watches, just find a sober and elegant watch that can be worn with every outfit.

25. Wear Fit Clothes


Fit clothes look so stunning and tempting especially if you have a nicely build body. So, wearing fit clothes is a nice idea to improve your personality and style. But, if you are bulky or healthy then do not wear fit clothes as that make you look even more extra.

26. Long Sleeves For Skinny Ones


Skinny hands don’t look good and attractive so wearing long sleeve t-shirt or shirt will hide your skinny hands and will make your hands look extra and better. Overall, this is a great tip for how to look stylish. 🙎‍♂️👔

27. Jackets And Layering


Layering your clothes is an easy way to instantly look stylish and attractive. This tip is perfect for skinny men as layering can make you look extra than you are. For this, you can layer a jacket over a t-shirt, shirt over a t-shirt or a t-shirt over a long sleeve t-shirt. This hack is just perfect to look stylish on a casual day.

28. Standing Collar


Standing collar is always better than loose collar. It defines you neck and make you look more handsome and good-looking. Always iron your collar before wearing it as it gives a nice look to the shirt. This hack can make you look stylish and smart without putting efforts.

29. Slim Fit Jeans For Skinny Legs


Slit fit jeans is the best choice for skinny legs. People usually make the wrong choice of buying skinny fit jeans. There is a huge difference between the slim fit and skinny fit jeans. Skinny fit jeans is the worst thing you can do to your style. Wear slim fit jeans to enhance your look and of course the body.

30. Add Accessories


Now, men think that accessories are just for women but do you know that even men should add some accessories to the outfit. It will make you look stylish and tempting. You can add a watch, a nice sunglasses or a bracelet to your look. These things amplify the look even more.

31. Experiment!!


Yes, experimenting with your style can sometimes lead to a different sense of fashion which can be great. Try to come out of your comfort zone and experiment with different clothing styles. This way you can completely change your personality.

32. Flat Sole Shoes Are Amazing

Don’t wear the same sneakers on every outfit and at every occasion as every guy does. If you don’t want to spend much on footwear then just invest on flat sole shoes and you are good to go. It can match with every single type of outfit and event. This is one of the best tips you can get for how to look stylish.

33. Learn Combinations


Try to work on your combination skills. You can explore many combinations on the internet. Also, if you are confused with any of the colours then just go to the internet and see which colour matches best with which colours.

34. Invest on Chinos


Chinos are very comfortable to wear and also look stylish. Invest in chinos to improve your fashion style. So, come out of the boring jeans and pants trend and try wearing chinos to transform your personality.

35. Hair is The Key


The hairstyle is important though every guy is concern about the hair but still if you are someone who doesn’t work on your hairstyle then start spending time and efforts on your hairstyles to look stylish and fashionable.


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