How to Treat Open Pores: 20 Doctor’s Tips, Products & Home Remedies

Open pores is a very common problem but it is very difficult to treat. Well, you can’t completely treat open pores but you can improve it by 70-80%. You will find several tips for how to treat open pores. Open pores develop due to excessive oil production so if you have oily skin then there are great chances that you can have open pores. Try these tips and tricks suggested by doctor’s to improve your skin texture.

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Why Does Open Pores Occur?


1. Genetics

Genetics is also a possible reason for open pores. It has been seen in studies that open pores can develop because of genetic reasons. Well, you can’t actually do something for this but you can try several home remedies to improve skin texture.

2. Your Skin Type

Oily and combination skin types are more prone to open pores because excessive oil production leads to pore widening. The appearance of open pores is more on oily skin than dry skin so ultimately dry skin people are blessed.

3. Makeup

Yes, makeup can result in open pores if you don’t take off the makeup properly. Cleansing your face is very important to make sure that your skin is clean and your pores are breathing.

4. Hormonal Fluctuation

Hormonal fluctuation can make your skin product more oil which leads to open and large pores. This is a very common problem in girls during menstruation.

5. Dirt & Dust

Dirt and dust clogged in your pores can make your pores wide and large so it is always a good idea to cleanse your skin properly. Well, the most important time to cleanse your skin is at night as that is the time when your skin heal and breathe.

6. Sunlight

Yes, sunlight can also result in open pores as staying out for long in direct sunlight breaks the collagen tissue in your skin which ultimately results in pore widening.

7. Ageing

Ageing is a natural process in which the collagen tissue present in your skin starts to break down with your increasing age. This leads to open and large pores and collagen tissue breakdown creates a space between other tissues.

How to Treat Open Pores? At Clinic Treatments


There are several treatments available for treating open pores which can be done at any skin clinic. These are some very effective treatments for open pores so consult a dermatologist first and then see which treatment is perfect for your skin concern. Well, these are some best treatments for how to treat open pores.

  1. Chemicals Peels
  2. Microdermabrasion
  3. Derma roller / Microneedling
  4. Laser Treatment (MNRF / Fractional CO2 / Erbium Yeg)
  5. Q Switched Nd Yag Laser
  6. Vial Filler with PRP
  7. Microbotox

How to Treat Open Pores? Home Remedies

1. Fuller’s Earth


Fuller’s earth also known as multani mitti is the perfect ingredient to use for open and large pores. It not only helps in controlling oil and sebum production on the skin but also cleanse the skin deeply. Using fuller’s earth for 3-4 months religiously can help you in shrinking your open pores. This is one of the best home remedy for how to treat large pores.

  1. Take 1 tbsp fuller’s earth powder.
  2. Add 1 tbsp rose water to it.
  3. You can even add normal plain water.
  4. Mix and apply for 15 minutes.
  5. Wash off with cold water.
  6. You can also use this paste as your face wash if you have oily or combination skin.

2. Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is one of the most used ingredient in skin care as its benefits are just uncountable. Using aloe vera on your face can treat almost all kind of skin problems and allergies. Also, it is perfect for oily skin as it will not clog your pores at all so you can use aloe vera gel as your moisturiser. Overall, this is the perfect remedy for how to cure open pores.

  1. Take some aloe vera gel.
  2. Either use it as a face mask or as a moisturiser.
  3. If you are using it as a mask then apply it for 20-25 minutes.
  4. And wash off with ice cold water.
  5. While if you are using it as a moisturiser then just massage it nicely and leave it.
  6. Apply a good sunscreen over it.

3. Tomato


Tomatoes are very good for the skin not just by including it in your diet but also applying it externally. Tomato contains salicylic acid which helps in removing dead skin revealing clearer and smoother skin. It also helps to remove suntan and pigmentation. Well, this is one of the best ingredient to use for how to treat open pores on face.

  1. Take 2 tbsp tomato juice or pulp.
  2. Add 1/2 tbsp gram flour to it.
  3. Mix and apply on the affected area.
  4. Wash off with lukewarm water.
  5. Do it once or twice a week.
  6. Make sure that you do a patch test before using it as tomatoes does not suit to every skin type.

4. Egg White


Egg white is very good for treating open and large pores. It has been advised by dermatologists that using egg white on your pores can help you in shrinking it. So, try this face mask if you have open pores.

  1. Beat and egg white until it is stiff and white.
  2. Add 1 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp lemon juice to it.
  3. Apply for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Wash off with warm water.

5. Lemon


Lemons are rich in citric acid which helps in cleansing pores very deeply. Using lemon face mask can help you in de-clogging your pores. Well, lemon does not suit every skin type, especially on sensitive skin so make sure that you do a patch test before using it. This is one of the best face masks for how to cure open pores permanently.

  1. Take 1 tbsp, honey.
  2. Add 1/2 tbsp lemon juice to it.
  3. Apply this on wet face and leave it for 15 minutes.
  4. Wash off with lukewarm water.
  5. Do it once or twice a week for better results.

6. Turmeric


Turmeric has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which is very good for the skin. It helps in cleansing your pores deeply which results in shrinking of the pores. This is one of the best face mask for how to treat large pores.

  1. Take 1 tbsp gram flour.
  2. Add 1/4 tbsp turmeric powder to it.
  3. Add 1 tbsp rosewater.
  4. Mix well.
  5. Apply for 15 minutes.
  6. Wash off with normal water.
  7. Do it thrice a week (for oily skin) and twice a week (for dry skin).

7. Green Tea


Green tea is loaded with antioxidants which helps in healing the skin. It not only helps in reducing inflammation and irritation but also helps in dealing with open pores, acne and dark spots. Using green tea ice cubes on na daily basis can help you shrinking large pores on your face.

  1. Freeze green tea as ice cubes.
  2. Rub green tea ice cube daily after washing your face at morning and night.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is very useful and effective for the skin. It is perfect for treating dark spots and pigmentation as well as open pores. Well, it is very important to do a patch test before using it directly as this is very strong and can irritate your skin if not suited. This is a great toner for how to treat open pores.

  1. Mix apple cider vinegar with water in 1:4 ratio that means if you are taking 1 part apple cider vinegar then add 4 parts of water in it.
  2. You can either freeze this solution and use it as ice cubes.
  3. Or you can directly use it as a toner by spraying or by using a cotton pad.

9. Papaya


Papaya is very good for the skin. Using papaya face mask on the skin can help in lightening your skin plus also treating open and large pores on the skin. Well, this is one of the best ingredients for how to cure open pores permanently.

  1. Take 1 tbsp papaya pulp.
  2. Add 1 tbsp honey to it.
  3. Apply a thick mask of this paste.
  4. Wait for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Wash off with lukewarm water.

10. Cucumber


Well, everyone knows that cucumbers are so good for the skin especially for under eye bags and dark circles. But do you know that cucumber can shrink your open pores as well. Yes, you heard it right cucumbers can shrink your large pores very easily.

  1. You can use cucumber juice as a toner.
  2. Or just apply cucumber paste on the face for 20 minutes.
  3. Wash off with cold water.

How to Cure Open Pores? Dermatologist’s Tips to Follow


1. How to Choose Your Cleanser

Choose your cleanser according to your skin type. This is a very important thing to do as cleansing is the very first step of your skincare. According to doctors, cleansers should be non-comedogenic and paraben-free.

2. Toner

Toner is a very important step of skincare as toner helps to close your pores which helps in protecting the pores from clogging. Doctor’s advice to use a alcohol-free toner for better results. Using a toner which contains alcohol can make your skin drier which results in more oil production and ultimately large pores.

3. Moisturizer

You should use a water-based or lotion-based moisturiser if you are dealing with large pores as cream based moisturisers can clog your pores leading to pore widening. This is a very important tip for how to treat open pores.

4. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is very very important step in the entire skincare. If you don’t do this step then your whole skincare regime is useless. Sunlight can make your pores large so it is a good idea to protect your skin form UVA & UVB rays. You should use a gel-based or lotion-based sunscreen as heavy sunscreens can clog your pores.

5. Non-Comedogenic Makeup

You should always use non-comedogenic makeup as this type of makeup does not clog pores. Though such products are on an expensive side but it protects the skin for a long time. This type of makeup helps in avoiding pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and open pores. Overall, this is a very crucial tip for how to cure large pores.

6. Cleanse Properly At Night

Cleansing your skin very properly at night time is quite important and essential. You should always double cleanse your face before going to bed as this helps in cleaning the pores deeply. This way your pores can breathe properly.

7. Night Cream

You should use night creams that contains retinol, glycolic acid or salicylic acid. These types of creams helps in peeling the dead skin and cleaning the pores from within. Also, it helps in shrinking open pores. But make sure that you don’t use any such creams without prescription as it can affect severely if not suited.

How to Treat Open Pores: Best & Effective Products

1. RE’ EQUIL Pore Refining Face Toner


Price: INR 350
Quantity: 100ml
Suitable For: Oily & Acne-prone skin
Rating: 4/5
Pros: Helps in shrinking open pores.
Controls oil and sebum production.
Maintain skin pH balance.
Alcohol-free formula.
Ideal for men and women.
Cons: Takes time to work on the skin.
Not suitable for sensitive skin.
May not suit your skin type so do a patch test before.

2. Plum Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner


Price: INR 390
Quantity: 200ml
Suitable For: Oily and acne-prone skin.
Rating: 3/5
Pros: Alcohol-free formula.
Gently remove dead skin cells.
Helps to shrink pores.
It will make your skin glowing.
Good for oil-controlling.
Cons: Can irritate dry skin.
Can make your skin red if not suited.

3. WOW Skin Science Vitamin C Serum


Price: INR 699
Quantity: 30ml
Suitable For: All skin types.
Rating: 3.5/5
Pros: Heals the skin deeply.
Helps in dealing with sun damage and tanning.
Shrink large pores.
Lighten dark spots and pigmentation.
Dermatologically tested.
Improve skin texture and quality.
Makes your skin glowing.
Cons: Slightly expensive.
Can make your skin sensitive to sunlight.
Can turn your skin red if not suited.

4. Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner


Price: INR 175
Quantity: 100ml
Suitable For: Oily and acne-prone skin.
Rating: 4/5
Pros: Perfect for the summer season.
Shrink large pores.
Controls oil and sebum production.
Soothe skin in summers.
Cons: Strong smell.
Can make your skin extremely dry.
Left tingling effect on the skin.
Takes time to work on the skin.

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5. Makeup Revolution Skin 2.5% Glycolic Acid Tonic


Price: INR 1400
Quantity: 200ml
Suitable For: All skin types.
Rating: 3.9/5
Pros: Peels off dead skin cells.
Shrink open pores.
Makes your skin glowing and bright.
Makes the skin look fresh.
Also helps with dark spots and pigmentation.
Cons: Can’t use on an everyday basis. (Use this once or twice a week)
Can make your skin sun-sensitive.
It can turn your skin red if not suited on your skin.
A little bit strong on the skin.
Not for sensitive skin type.

6. It’s Skin Collagen Nutrition Toner


Price: INR 990
Quantity: 150ml
Suitable For: Normal to dry skin.
Rating: 4.1/5
Pros: Heal skin tissues.
Promotes skin elasticity.
Shrink large pores.
Skin looks fresh and soft.
Hydrate the skin deeply.
Cons: Expensive.

7. O3+ Glycolic Acid 10 % Face Wash


Price: INR 3200
Quantity: 350ml
Suitable For: Oily & acne-prone skin.
Rating: 3.9/5
Pros: Brighten the skin.
Shrink open pores.
Peel dead skin cells.
Hydrate the skin.
Works on acne-prone skin.
Gentle exfoliator.
Cons: Expensive.
Can dry out the skin.

8. Dot & Key Zit Zapping Skin Clarifying Face Serum


Price: INR 895
Quantity: 30ml
Suitable For: All skin types.
Rating: 4.1/5
Pros: Helps in treating acne and pimples.
Shrink large pores.
Have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Absorbs quickly.
Control oil production.
Reduce the appearance of dark spots.
Remove dead skin cells.
Cons: Expensive.

9. It’s Skin Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Toner


Price: INR 990
Quantity: 150ml
Suitable For: All skin types.
Rating: 4.3/5
Pros: Shrink large pores.
Absorbs quickly.
Light texture.
Hydrate the skin.
Makes skin soft and supple.
Cons: Expensive.

10. St. Botanica Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C & E Facial Serum


Price: INR 1799
Quantity: 20ml
Suitable For: All skin types.
Rating: 4/5
Pros: Moisturize the skin.
Treat open pores.
Maintains elasticity.
Anti-ageing effects.
Brighten the skin.
Absorbs quickly.
Cons: Expensive.

How to Hide Open & Large Pores Instantly?


You can hide open and large pores instantly through makeup. Though you can hide it one hundred percent but you can do this to about eighty percent. There are some makeup tricks that can help you in hiding your open pores instantly.

  1. Use a pore-minimizer or pore-filler primer before your makeup. If you don’t have one then watch some DIY tutorials to make such primers at home. These kind of primers help in blurring your pores. This way you can easily hide your open pores.
  2. Another tip to hide your open pores is by dabbing your foundation by fingers to the affected area. The warmth of your fingers blends the foundation very easily and also gives natural finish. This tip will give you full coverage thus will hide your large pores to a huge extent.
  3. The last and final tip to blur your open pores is to use a translucent setting powder at the end. This will not only help your makeup to stay long but will also help in blurring of your pores.

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